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Low Quality with image processing using Filter image_masque

by magahugu - 6 October 2015 10:06 - Replies : 1

Dear community,

I have a modele I use for embedding images in the text. I have noticed the quality of the images drops really low when I try to use the |image_masque filter.

This behaviour is not due to the |image_smush filter applied.

Here is an example of an image using a JPG and overlaying a transparent PNG with logo on top using |image_masquelink.png,mode=normal :

I’m using GD2 for image processing. Selecting different image processors results in different, but always low-quality output. Example:


Here is the code of the modele:

<img  src="[(#CHEMIN{#ENV{path}}
" >

My question is how do I make sure the automatic image processing is doing all actions without reducing the quality of the images?

Kind regards,

Answering the question

« Low Quality with image processing using Filter image_masque »


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