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need help on spip installation error on my hosting

by Lindsey frey - 22 January 2016 11:43 - Replies : 1

I have installed Spip on my hosting at https://www.seekdotnet.com

it seems to be Installed perfectly, but the the private space seems to not loading properly. some icon is missing.

Also i get very frecuent "403 Forbiden" messages at random times.

Sometimes a refresh fixes the problems.

this is on shared srver environment

does this have to do with the session error?

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« need help on spip installation error on my hosting »


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    by George Kandalaft
    26 February 13:28

    Solved - Replies : 3


  • web url

    by Radosław Sobik
    8 January 11:38

    Solved - Replies : 3

    I do 2 page rules for all html *.html and form main website. Now it is working. I do some more test on another spip website.

  • Hi This is urgent basis .... I have migrated my hosting

    by Nishant
    3 January 09:01

    Solved - Replies : 6

    ya that is working fine but google is not fetching my home but its fetching all other pages

  • https removes formatting from linked pages

    by djgw
    12 April 2016 09:31

    Solved - Replies : 4

    Thanks to nfriedli in the French forum where the following solution was posted: Create a mes_options.php file (refer to SPIP documentation) in the SPIP config directory with the code below. (...)

  • SPIP 3.1.1

    by Philivert
    4 April 2016 08:37

    Solved - Replies : 3

    Hello, for spip_loader.php, perhaps your hosting service don’t accept that kind of script and redirect to the base of the site ? the install directory is not to use directly but via (...)

  • need help on spip installation error on my hosting

    by kris
    22 January 2016 13:20

    Replies : 1

    Hello, Do you have an URL (adress of your website) so we could help you better... What version of SPIP ? Plugins ? etc... kris

  • HTTPS / SSL and admin.css and ajax forms

    5 December 2015 00:31

    Solved - Replies : 4

    In my case I was proxing the connection. The proxy connected both HTTP and HTTPS requests to the website at HTTP - so the HTML generated by SPIP was in both cases generating HTTP links for the (...)

  • base href causing this

    by erational
    9 June 2015 11:10

    Replies : 1

    what is your url ?

  • Upgrade to SPIP 3

    by Philivert
    5 March 2015 23:07

    Replies : 4

    If all plugins are compatible with SPIP 3, no need for disabling them. Else it is better to disable them before baking up. The database structure will be automaticaly upgraded by SPIP 3 during (...)

  • Need experienced SPIP developer for updating CMS to most current version.

    by Eduardo
    3 March 2015 20:41

    Replies : 4

    Hi. I recently updated one client’s site from spip 1.9 to spip 3.0.17. That job had a few complications mainly because the squelettes’ sintaxis difered from the older version to the latest, but (...)

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