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Redirect to empty page when change the article status to published online


My site is upgrade SPIP from 2.0.0 to 2.1.23.
I download the SPIP 2.1.23 files and replace to the correct SPIP folder, then login the ecrire and click upgrade database.
Everything seem work correctly, but when i create a new article or edit old article status. It will redirect to a empty page.
But if i click browser [back] & [refresh], the article status will be change. That means the function can be work but seem just cannot redirect to private area.

I have try to new install SPIP 2.1.23 using the same downloaded files & same server. The article status can be change correctly.
The old SPIP 2.0.0 article status can be change correctly too.

Is that something i missing in the upgrade step or not correct?

I running Apache 2.4 x64 edition using mod_fcgi 2.3.7 to call php 5.4.12 on Windows Server 2008R2.
Will it case of my server setting?

Thanks in advance for reading.