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SQL error 1052

When entering the private section of my site (SPIP 2.1.14), I get this message:
“SQL error 1052
Column ’statut’ in where clause is ambiguous
SELECT articles.id_article, articles.titre, articles.id_rubrique, articles.statut, articles.date, articles.lang, articles.id_trad, articles.descriptif, petitions.id_article AS petition FROM spip_articles AS articles LEFT JOIN spip_petitions AS petitions ON articles.id_article=petitions.id_article WHERE statut=’prepa’ AND id_rubrique=0 ORDER BY date DESC LIMIT 0, 15”

There is no indication identifying the template that must be corrected. I understand that there is something wrong in the MySQL codes in some place but I don’t know where.

As far as the public part of my site is concerned, all articles have disappeared !!

Can someone help me ? Great thanks in advance !!