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Creating a New Template


I’m new to SPIP, and I think it’s great and I’m trying to put together my first site with it. However, the docs for setting up a new template in v2.18 are not easy to follow as they often refer to outdated versions.

Can someone tell me in fairly simple terms what I have to do to create a new template or use premade ones? I’m using a default setup with the default template which is I think, sommaire though it appears to link to other code.

What I need is a step by step. I’m sure others will find it useful too. So, I need something like: "add this line of code to here", substitute that code there", "put your .css template there".

I tried adding templates and skeletons from SPIP-Contrib, and sometimes they change the colours etc, but fonts, layout, lack of buttons etc is all wrong.

I perhaps wrongly assumed that a template would make a layout something like the images that the authors show, and a skeleton would automatically format my existing layout?