DEWALT DCF885L1 20V Max Impact Driver Review


Dewalt is considered as the premium and smart tool brand when we are talking about professional jobs. If you are searching for a suitable impact driver, then Dewalt DCF885L1 can make your life easier by simplifying screwing and boring holes. Today we are discussing its key features and characteristics to check out the potential in this Dewalt impact driver.

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Characteristics of Dewalt DCF885L1 Impact Driver

Weight : 2.8 pounds

Battery Type : Lithium-ion

Amp Hour : 3.0AH

Anvil Type : Quick release

Max Torque : 1400in-lbs

No Load Speed : 0-2,800.



Compact :

If you are tired of handling heavy tools at work that keep slipping away from your hands after a while, then it’s time to replace them with this impact driver. The compactness is about 5.55” from front to back, and it weighs only 2.8lbs. If you are working on a big project, then it will be easier to hold this machine in your hands for drilling purposes as it has a strong grip and light in weight.

LED Lights :


Dewalt DCF885L1 impact driver has come up with the feature of 3- LED lights. It can illuminate the whole working area while performing during late-night hours. These lights work with 20 seconds delay once the trigger is released. It provides visibility to you and the work without shadows and suitable for working any hour without worrying about a closer look.


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Single-Handed Loading :

This impact driver is smart enough to adjust itself without help from another person. If you are using a device for the first time, then you can handle it single-handedly. It has a 1/4” hex chuck and only accepts 1” of bit tips. It’s easy to fix and remove the bits as per your requirements, and you will enjoy working with this device.


Tighter Area :

If we compare impact drivers to the kits, then they are not suitable for dealing with tighter areas, but this tool is. If you want to fix the screws or you want to create a hole in the tighter area, then the impact driver can make things simple for you. Even if you want to deal with longer screws, then an impact driver is the right power tool as it won’t damage the head of a screw due to manageable pressure.


A Kit :

This durable impact driver has come up with the complete kit included, a fast charger, 20V max battery, and a bag to pack the device anytime for traveling. It’s battery-powered and provides a maximum torque of about 1400in-lbs.


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Conclusion :

From the suitable prices to features, this impact driver has everything you were looking for in other models. It’s suitable for any craftsmen, and you can deal with the function even if using it for the first time. There is no need to put extra effort while working, and the speed of this device will allow you to complete work in a few hours.


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