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This is where you can ask questions about the SPIP cms.

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Using the private area

Questions on the use of the private area (or back-office) of your web site are centralised in this forum.

If you are an administrator, the forum Administration, management and configuration of your site is probably more appropriate for most of the questions.

Make sure you give a clear title to your question in order to help other visitors navigate the forums.

Messages without clear titles are deleted.


You can tag this forum page with the keywords that you think are the most appropriate. This will help future visitors to find answers more quickly.

Installation, updates

Using the private area

Administration, management and configuration of your site

Creating your templates

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  • Problems logging in to the private area

    by Gracy_liura
    26 April 15:32

    Solved - Replies : 5

    Remove or uninstall plugins and Just restart your browser

  • How do i make changes to the right Navigation table

    5 February 16:47

    Replies : 4

    Hello girls, Can you detail a bit more what you want to do ? The URL of the website should be defined in configuration/site identity - if the site address has changed since the site first (...)

  • Image does not display

    12 January 23:26

    Replies : 1

    Hi, Any file in the local/cache/ directory is temporary so you should link to the source image.

  • How to set php value to spip variable?

    20 June 2016 10:29

    No reply

    <?php $id=10; ?> #SETID,id i don’t know.How to set value to spip variable.

  • Order by not working

    by tcharlss
    13 June 2016 18:01

    Replies : 1

    Hi, Could you post your message again, embedding the code inside the <code> tag please ? It’s not visible at the moment ! You can order the results with the par ... criteria, for instance (...)

  • how to restore a template?

    by devkbsc
    18 June 2015 12:11

    No reply

    Hello, I have tried to seperate three of my site from my kernal site. I have succeed in the level of content and database. But, My templates are not working with my sites. All my sub sites (...)

  • Login visitors via GET

    by nassy
    27 April 2014 09:51

    No reply

    Hello, i’m new to Spip (3.x). I would customize the login process via GET instead POST. So I think that I should not use the "formulaire" that blocks my attemps with param formulaire_action_args.. (...)

  • What i cant upload a big audio files( like more than 12Mb)?

    1 April 2014 13:31

    Solved - Replies : 3

    generally mail supports only upto 25MB (means it is the maximum limit ) if it exceeds more than 25MB its better to go with drive if it is g.drive or skydrive...

  • Title and Credit fields

    by erational
    27 September 2013 05:30

    Replies : 1

    an old plugin almost does the job by reading the exif data http://plugins.spip.net/exif.html maybe it requires a small update to be compatible with SPIP 2 and (...)

  • Redirect to empty page when change the article status to published online

    2 September 2013 03:48

    Solved - Replies : 8

    Hi, Sorry for reply late. I have try the solution and it’s work ! I have check the spip.log and everything seem correctly. Thanks a million to everybody for working in this case. Thanks, (...)

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