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How to display table content in SPIP? solved

by sakthivel - 14 January 2016 09:04 - Replies : 3

I am new to SPIP. I have already some setup and table.
The old table display using in HTML code it work fine.But i add new table it is not working.How to display new table content using ? Help me.

  • Have you tried to create tables with ’|’ or with HTML code ?

    Head Head Head
    data data data

    can be create with

    | Head | Head | Head |
    | data | data | data |

  • Names Current level
    RUTAZIBWA Gerard Full Professor
    KAMATARI Aloys Associate Professor
    KAREMANGINGO Charles Associate Professor
    HATEGEKIMANA Celestin Senior Lecturer
    KANEZA Yves Valentin Senior Lecturer
    KANOBANA Mathusalem Senior Lecturer
    CASSADY Cindy Lecturer
    GAKWENZIRE Philbert Lecturer
    GASANA Sebastien Lecturer
    MANIRAGUHA Yassini Lecturer
    MUHAYIMANA Theophile Lecturer
    MUKANKUNZI Pelagie Lecturer
    MUKANKURUNZIZA Jeannette Lecturer
    MUSONERA Aloys Lecturer
    MUVUNYI Pierre Celestin Lecturer
    NDAGIJIMANA Jen Baptiste Lecturer
    NSENGIYUMVA Emmanuel Lecturer
    NYARIBO Jane Lecturer
    RUTIKANGA Mayala Lambert Lecturer
    SUNGU Maurice Omolo Lecturer
    UWUBUTATU Therese Lecturer
    Amini NGABONZIZA Jean de Dieu Assistant Lecturer
    BARIFASHE Theodomir Assistant Lecturer
    BIGARABA Aggée Assistant Lecturer
    GAHIMA Alphonse Assistant Lecturer
    GAHUNGU Louis Ntambirabigwi Assistant Lecturer
    GIGALAGAMBA Thomas Assistant Lecturer
    HABAKUBAHO Gedeon Assistant Lecturer
    HABIYAREMYE Valens Assistant Lecturer
    HARUSHYUBUZIMA Clement Assistant Lecturer
    IRAGENA Joyeuse Assistant Lecturer
    KAGERUKA Hubert Assistant Lecturer
    KANEZA Ingrid Jacqueline Assistant Lecturer
    KARANGANWA Raphael Assistant Lecturer
    KIMENYI Angelo Assistant Lecturer
    MUGISHA Narcisse Assistant Lecturer
    MUKARUGWIZA Joyce Assistant Lecturer
    MULIGO Emmanuel Assistant Lecturer
    MUSABYEMARIYA Jeannette Assistant Lecturer
    MUTABARUKA Romuald Assistant Lecturer
    NSHIMIYIMANA Jean Damascene Assistant Lecturer
    RUTAYISIRE Kibaki Aristide Assistant Lecturer
    SEBAHINZI Jean Nepomuscene Assistant Lecturer
    Shem Moenga ONKWANI Assistant Lecturer
    TURYATEMBA Cyprian Assistant Lecturer
    UMUGWANEZA Dalia Assistant Lecturer
    UWASE Rosine Assistant Lecturer

  • the shortcut is

    |{{name}}|{{first name|{{job}}|
    |UMUGWANEZA |Dalia| Assistant Lecturer|
    |UWASE| Rosine| Assistant Lecturer|


    name first name job
    UMUGWANEZA Dalia Assistant Lecturer
    UWASE Rosine Assistant Lecturer


Answering the question

« How to display table content in SPIP? »


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