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#GET or PHP in Loops Criteria / Boucle criteres

by magahugu - 27 June 2015 13:24 - Replies : 3


I’m hitting a major limitation trying to filter a BOUCLE dynamicly. THis means that one criterion passed to the boucle should be either a PHP variable or a SPIP #GETvariable tag.

As this is not possible, what other ways are there to filter the content?

Thank you,

  • Hello, Can you insert on exemple off what you re tryin (between cadre tags)

    <cadre class="spip">***Code here***</cadre>

  • < #2 > #GET or PHP in Loops Criteria / Boucle criteres ˆ
    by magahugu - 27 June 2015 18:58

    OK, here we go:

    Note: Variable $a has been previously defined to be 1.

    1. #SET{variable,<?php echo $a: ?>}
    3. <BOUCLEn(AUTEURS){id_auteur=#GET{variable}>
    4. #NOM
    5. </BOUCLEn>


  • Ok, spip haven’t got limitations, but you must know what is the good practices to write templates and where you can use php.

    - You must not use php in .html template.
    - but you can use php function as filter


    1. [(#LISTE{one,two,three,four}|implode{-})]

    - you can use function in mes_fonctions.php and use it as filter too.

    To answer to your question
    What is the $a value? if it is the current id_auteur you can use #SESSION

    if you want have a look on the current session data you can use

    1. [<pre>(#SESSION|unserialize|print_r{1})</pre>]

    so to loop just on the current user

    1. <BOUCLE_cur_user(AUTEURS){id_auteur=#SESSION{id_auteur}}>
    2. #NOM
    3. </BOUCLE_cur_user>


    I don’t know if I give you a good answer, but if you tell me what is the $a value i can give the best way to get it.

    Hope you understand my bad english :)

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« #GET or PHP in Loops Criteria / Boucle criteres »


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