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template files located in the directory /squelettes/ solved

by Malcolm Wallace - 22 November 2013 16:37 - Replies : 4

How do I find my files in the squelletes directory as I need to amend a section?

  • The similiar topic here.

  • < #2 > template files located in the directory /squelettes/ ˆ
    by Malcolm Wallace - 23 November 2013 13:48

    Hi Serge, thank you very much. I have tried that but perhaps I am getting the stages wrong.

    Can you give me a step by step approach to solving this. The objective is to remove the contact button from my home page at www.chelmsford-tuc.org.uk

    Thanks, Malcolm

  • I think, its solved

  • Hi Malcom,
    I think the answer to your problem is indeed in the link Serge provided, but for the sake of clarity, here is a summary :

    Identifying in which template is located a particular element of your website is a common problem, and not so trivial.
    The templates used in your website can be the default ones (in "squelettes-dist"), or your own (generally in “squelettes”), or the ones from a plugin (in “plugins/xxx”), depending on the configuration of your website.
    Moreover, a template can include any other templates, so in the end the templates in use on your website can come from a lot of different locations.

    Fortunately, as mentioned in Serge’s link, SPIP provides a very handy tool for this purpose.

    You just have to append ?var_mode=inclure (or &var_mode=inclure) a the end of the url of the current page, and you will see yellow boxes detailling all the templates in use and their location.
    For this tool to work, you need to be logged in and an administrator.

    So, concretely, go to www.chelmsford-tuc.org.uk/?var_mode=inclure and that’s it.


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« template files located in the directory /squelettes/ »


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