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Creating a New Template solved

by JulesJH - 15 April 2012 20:48 - Replies : 4


I’m new to SPIP, and I think it’s great and I’m trying to put together my first site with it. However, the docs for setting up a new template in v2.18 are not easy to follow as they often refer to outdated versions.

Can someone tell me in fairly simple terms what I have to do to create a new template or use premade ones? I’m using a default setup with the default template which is I think, sommaire though it appears to link to other code.

What I need is a step by step. I’m sure others will find it useful too. So, I need something like: "add this line of code to here", substitute that code there", "put your .css template there".

I tried adding templates and skeletons from SPIP-Contrib, and sometimes they change the colours etc, but fonts, layout, lack of buttons etc is all wrong.

I perhaps wrongly assumed that a template would make a layout something like the images that the authors show, and a skeleton would automatically format my existing layout?

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    by erational - 16 April 2012 11:40


    a good way to start is to copy all the files located in /squelette-dist/ (skeleton by default) to a new folder /squelettes/ (skeleton that overrides the default skeleton) then to edit the files little by little.

    If you want to good ressource to learn the SPIP syntax, please have to look to http://programmer.spip.org/?lang=en

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    by JulesJH - 16 April 2012 13:31

    Hi erational,

    Many thanks for your reply. I will certainly look at the resource you recommended.

    A question though, if I put say, a modified template in /squelettes/, this will automatically override the default ones? I read that there was some linking to do, and that’s what confused me.

    If I use one of the pre-made one from Contribs, then that would go in the /squelettes/ folder and will automatically override the default ones?


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    by erational - 17 April 2012 01:52

    if you put your templates in squelettes will automatically overrides the default telmplate located in squelette-dist.

    you have may choose another directory (for instance skeleton) but in this case, you have a create the file config/mes_options.php to tell spip where to find your template.

    some templates in contrib are a bit special because they are working as a plugin but you can also overrides them.

    i hope it helps

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    19 April 2012 14:50

    Hi erational,

    Thanks again for your reply. I’m trying to use a pre-made template as a base. It is Sarka-SPIP Headlines-Blue. I installed it using the spip installer, and it shows up as an active plugin. However, even though it shows as an active plugin, it does absolutely nothing. I tried emptying caches etc, restarting my local server but nothing makes it work! Nothing shows! My theme is still the default sommaire. Any ideas what I should do?



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