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Install Errors

by salvador - 31 January 2006 21:50 - Replies : 1

Hello, everyone, I am new to SPIP and the whole PHP, CMS thing, nevertheless, the server (godaddy) that I uploaded the spip_loader.php3 file to for an auto install is a php4 server and did not appear backward compatible, hence I saw the php code instead...furthermore, I was instructed by the godaddy TS to change the file extension to .php, without the "3," and when I did that the page was displayed, but when I followed the link I got a 404 Error saying that the "spip_loader.php3" page could not be found...yet still, given that it kind-of worked when I removed the "php3" extension and replaced it with the "php," does that mean that all php files will have to be renamed...

Any response will be greatly appreciated

  • #1 Install Errors ˆ
    by miD - 15 March 2006 21:12

    just rename the .httpacces to .httpacces and place into the repertory of your website.

    un comment the 2 line here :

    RewriteCond %REQUEST_FILENAME -f
    RewriteRule ^(.+)\.php[3]$ $1.php [QSA,L]

    and it should be ok ...

    you can also use a php script on the spip-contrib site to modify .php3 to .php :
    >> http://www.spip-contrib.net/Script-php-pour-convertir-les

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    by Urs Riggenbach
    5 October 20:23

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    Hello, thanks for your answer. The issue was not related to SPIP and everything works well now. Best regards, Urs

  • base href causing this

    by erational
    9 June 11:10

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    what is your url ?

  • Upgrade to SPIP 3

    by Philivert
    5 March 23:07

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    If all plugins are compatible with SPIP 3, no need for disabling them. Else it is better to disable them before baking up. The database structure will be automaticaly upgraded by SPIP 3 during (...)

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    by Eduardo
    3 March 20:41

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    Hi. I recently updated one client’s site from spip 1.9 to spip 3.0.17. That job had a few complications mainly because the squelettes’ sintaxis difered from the older version to the latest, but (...)


    by Philivert
    16 September 2014 20:23

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    Hello, Don’t forget to set server = localhost, user = root, no password

  • htaccess rules for nginx

    by Gilles
    22 August 2014 16:43

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    This configuration only works for the "url propre" and "url propre2" rewrite rules, when the website is in a subdirectory. for ex. http://my.domain.zz/spip/site.html it must be changed for (...)

  • problem of installation of spip

    by erational
    20 July 2014 09:58

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    Please check your php version by running <?phpphpinfo(); ?> Download

  • upgrade 1.8.x - 3.0

    by xavatar
    30 April 2014 09:26

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    Thank you for your answer! I will chack solved after trying update.

  • Sharing kernel

    by erational
    27 September 2013 05:34

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    you have to look for "mutualisation" articles http://contrib.spip.net/Mutualisation http://contrib.spip.net/Ferme-a-SPIP sorry mainly in french, but it gives you the keys to share, maintain (...)

  • Update from SPIP 2.1.4 to SPIP 3.0.1

    by erational
    5 June 2012 00:46

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    http://tdl/ecrire means http://your_domain.com/ecrire/ (if you have uploaded the files, you must access to the ecrire directory)

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